It’s important to be prepared for a business trip because it might be an opportunity to network, meet new contacts and to learn new skills and to later apply them to your business. As you know, portable device and especially mobile phone usage is increasing day by day, as they are becoming powerful allies for the traveler. With this in mind, we show you the TOP 5 Apps to use on a business trip.

  1. Evernote Business: this app allows you to connect all your devices at the same time, so it’s possible to work from anywhere. It’s useful to take notes and keep them in their original format: personal notes, websites extracts, e-mail addresses, images, blogs, videos…It’s also possible to add images at any note by copying them (JPEG, PNG, GIF), audio (MP3) or documents (PDF, HTML, TXT). Evernote offers its own screenshot tool and the possibility to organize the notes by naming them using key words or topics.

  1. Invoice 2go: Real time invoices, in just minutes! This app allows you to create a client’s bill without a laptop or a computer, by using different types of pre-designed layouts. The options are: writing up bills, creating budgets or purchase orders. You start by filling out the form with necessary information such as the client name or products and, automatically, a full invoice is produced with subtotal, taxes, discounts and the total to pay. The bill can be exported as PDF, ready to send, or a document with a PayPal link, to make payment easier.

  1. Producteev: This app helps manage personal and team tasks. Each worker can create one or several private workspaces and, on each space, different people can work on it at the same time, coordinating together to achieve their tasks or goals. Organising workspaces is simple, just name them and (optional) include other aspects like date, priority, comments or type of tasks. It’s also possible to synchronize Producteev with Email accounts, so tasks can be created by sending messages with hashtags.

  1. CamScanner: This app sends scanned documents or images by exporting them in PDF or JPG. It works very easily: it starts by taking pictures of the document and choosing a filter (for example, a black and white one). The document can then be shared in different apps (WhatsApp, Telegram…), save it in a new phone note, send it by mail or Fax. It supports 16 languages, including English, Chinese and Japanese.

  1. Business Plan Premier: This app guides the user through the steps to prepare and organize his/her own business plan, to make a professional presentation to investors or interested people. First, it helps the user with the project summary, its structure, ideas and concepts. It defines the product-service characteristics, with its target and competence too. It’s possible to edit the result, print it, send it by mail or upload it to Dropbox.

Planning and organizing your tasks and company will be much easier for the Business traveler with the help of some of these TOP Apps!