How does a DMC Company help their clients in certain situations? It obviously depends on each company, but what we can let you know, is how Cititravel reacts, after all the experience gained during more than 30 years of groups´ operations in these cases. Solving problems, events´ special logistics or last minute requests from clients, are our daily tasks, but today, and as an anecdote to illustrate our savoir-faire, we would like to share with you, an episode we underwent, not long ago.

At the beginning of October, we had an Optical Medical event in Spain, this time in Madrid. The 300 doctors on the event, made a real “peculiar” request; they made us look for 300 pig’s eyes, to test a medication during their event. It was the reason why so many physicians were in attendance too. Imagine how to get 300 fresh pig’s eyes in such short notice! Our Madrid’s Project Manager started by asking many slaughterhouses, starting in Madrid and finishing in Gerona, where he finally found them. It was the company Friselva, who helped us get the eyes we needed, understanding the urgent situation and collaborating with us all the time. It seemed that, luckily enough, they were very much demanded for the Chinese market and though it took some time, the Factory made it happen and we got them just in time.

The next step was to get them to Madrid, so we asked different companies if they could help us. The problem was that, on that very same day, a transport strike in Cataluña started. No car, van, private company or refrigerated truck could be able to help us transporting the goods to Madrid…airports and highways were closed, so here, we had the second challenge!

On top of that, the eyes had to be kept fresh, so we needed a fast solution. We had the valuable help of our Barcelona office, buying cool boxes, to maintain the eyes fresh. And, then, it happened: our Project Manager had the idea of using an ambulance, as due to force majeure, no strike could stop it. The trip started in Gerona and on its way to Madrid, the ambulance driver had to make some stops during the way, to buy and replace the ice. When it finally arrived, every delegate was talking about the ambulance and they couldn´t be more grateful to Cititravel. They finally had their fresh pig’s eyes on time: «Thanks again for making this happen!!  We really appreciate everything you did for us!» Were their appreciative words all the time, which made us feel real proud.

It was a real odyssey, but we finally resolved it, thanks to Friselva, our Madrid’s Project Manager, our Barcelona office and, of course, Cititravel expertise on solving satisfactorily, any issue. Our clients’ satisfaction is our main concern and top priority!